Who and Why

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Who can benefit from virtual PMO?

All levels of management; business units who are delivering programs to the organization.

Why virtual PMO?

Because virtual PMO (vPMO) is not influenced by the internal politics and its sole interest is to enhance the success of projects and programs. vPMO sets the rules of the game and provides common templates and a formal, standard approach to managing projects. This includes all aspects of projects management from initiation to closure; planning, communication and overall management of the deliverables.


You have number of projects on the go and lined up to be delivered over the course of the year. Your business managers are also functional managers and project managers. Each individual is a good manager in their own right; BUT the approach varies from person to person, from project to project. The planning and documentation is sometimes very high level and other times very detailed. The resources who are working on the projects sometimes know that they are part of a project team and other times they find out last minute. This causes all sorts of stress and anxiety that can easy be negated by communicating ahead of time and by using standard approach to communicate. If you had one place to go to for your work assignments you could be proactive when planning your week.

How can virtual PMO help?

As I said earlier. By setting the rules of the game. By formalizing and standardizing the processes, coaching the managers and providing common templates and tools that enhance collaboration and communication, thus enabling the manager to succeed with grace and ease. Virtual PMO monitors and ensures compliance thus expedites the adoption of the processes and templates.

Studies have found that processes increase productivity more than tools. Therefore, the key to successful projects is through consistent process supported by easy to use tools.


Welcome to Virtual Project Services at ASL InfoTech inc.

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Welcome to Virtual Project Services and ASL InfoTech inc.  ASL Info Tech has been working to help it’s customers improve project management communication since 1997. ASL believes that virtual project management is a reliable service and tool that can help it’s customers improve their communication and their business.

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